StockPair Review – Is it Real or Scam?

StockPair Review – Is it Real or Scam?

StockPair Review

StockPair is one of the top in the binary option trading industry. The operation is based in Cyprus & it is licensed by the Cyprus Securities & Exchange Commission (CySEC).

StockPair’s claim to fame was pairs trading. In fact, StockPair was the first one to propose pairs trading in the binary options industry

That was a very long time in the past although, & innovation by no means took a break at StockPair.

Not way back, StockPair launched its revolutionary KIKO trades, which once more give binary options trading the possibility for merchants to use extra inventive methods.

StockPair usually accept traders from most countries, with the obvious exception of the United States.

StockPair are centered on the security of their clients’ funds and information. The monies of their traders  are saved in segregated financial institution accounts, accounts which don’t have any links to the regular operating accounts of the company. The banks that are used for the storage/handling of trader funds are all reputable worldwide institutions.

StockPair use a particular, proprietary trading platform, that is designed to be simplistic, but at the same time very straightforward when it comes to the trading. StockPair are rightfully proud of the technological superiority they have in this respect over most of their opponents.

One major advantage to trading at Stockpair, is the fact that the platform doesn’t have any hidden costs or commissions on any of the financial operations done through it. The StockPair customer support is great & the returns offered are decent, particularly in light of the fact that rebates are given above certain trading volumes.

The biggest shortcoming of this age-old binary option platform is that is doesn’t offer a free demo account,. Therefore the only way to give this platform a try is to make an actual deposit.


StockPair Review: The Platform

As mentioned above, the StockPair platform is a proprietary one. Clearly, for a broker who wants to be a step or two ahead of the pack everytime, this is the only option. The trading platform was created with simplicity in mind. All its options  can be accessed at a couple of clicks. Everything is very clearly displayed. Everyone who’s ever traded binary options will immediately be capable of using the software as it was meant to be used.

StockPair Review
The StockPair Platform

StockPair platform has a number of distinctive features and trading instruments purring away, designed to make the life of the trader simpler in a wide range of methods.

The “Trading Sentiment Indicator” is one of the most readily accessible such instruments. It offers traders a hint in regards to how the market feels about a certain trade. The Early Close feature allows traders to quit their trades before expiry, locking in their income, or putting a stop to their losses. That is only ‘the surface’ of what the StockPair platform is truly capable. The site offers a helpful selection of charts for technical analysis, which come with indicators like the Bollinger Band, the RSI & the Moving Average. Such a toolset makes technical analysis & also the execution of technical analysis-based trading methods, a cinch for traders. This way, you don’t have to resort to third party services delivering the same perks.


The Trading Indicator is a form of signal-service in its own right. Created by Faunus Analytics, the Trading Indicator is a form of market forecast alert provider, that is based on a combination of technical indicators. The Trading Indicator can predict in which direction the price of an underlying asset is likely to change. The time frames are 1hour, 4hours and 24hours. There aren’t any predictions offered for short-term options, because it’s fairly not possible to do through analysis for such short time-frames. The estimated reliability of the generated signals and predictions is color coded, on a scale of 1-10, with dark green being the strongest one. The only downside of this handy tool is that it’s only available to those who have Gold-level accounts and greater.


StockPair Review: Trade Types

This is where the StockPair trading platform really excels. While they don’t offer too many trade-types, they are all off-the-beaten-path, and therefore quite fascinating and enjoyable. There are two major option classes: Up/Down Binaries & Pair Options.

The Up/Down category has classic Put/Call options, which are the simplest to trade. All that is required from the trader is to accurately predict whether the price of the traded asset will be below or above its current level at expiry.

The new KIKO options belong in this category too. KIKO stands for Knock In or Knock Out, and it’s a sort of option which features no expiry. When trading an option like this, the trader is supplied with two price levels: an upper & a lower one, with the current price of the underlying asset in between. The trader then will have to predict whether the price hits the lower or the higher of the two limits first. When the price will actually hit one of the two limits, that is when the option expires, outside the money or in it.

The Pair Options section is composed of fixed and floating pairs. Fixed pairs trading is very easy. You have to predict which of the paired assets performs better from the time of the purchase to the time of expiry.

Floating pairs are essentially identical, with a little bit of twist. While the target is to determine which of the two assets performs better within a set period of time, the start of this period doesn’t need to coincide with the purchase of the option. The beginning of this predetermined interval can be set arbitrarily.

StockPair Review: Trading Accounts

The absolute minimum deposit is $200. For that amount of money, one will get a non-premium account, which allows access to all the traded assets, but not to some of the special trading instruments covered above.

For the Silver Account you need a minimum deposit of $1,000. This account-type raises the cap to $6,000 for the total investment amount and to $1,000 for a single investment. It additionally offers traders a 0.5% rebate deal, only if they manage to generate trading volumes in excess of $10,000 per month.

For the Gold Account you need a minimum deposit of $5,000. The limit on total investment through this account is around $18,000, and the limit on a single trade is $6,000. The cash-back rate is 1%, and the trading volume requirement has been raised to $25,000.

For the Platinum Account you need a minimum deposit of $20,000. The maximum limit for the trade and total investment amounts have been raised to $10,000 and $30,000. The cash-back percentage is about  2% and the trade volume requirements have been set to $50,000.

The VIP account is essentially the most lavish StockPair account from every angle. The minimum deposit is $50,000, while the maximums on the trade / total investment are around $20,000 and $60,000 respectively. The cash-back is about 3% and the trading volume requirement is $100,000.

Note: We recommend you to never deposit more than the required minimum with any broker, until you are comfortable with the platform and you verify that you are able to withdraw your earnings.


StockPair Review: The Payouts

The payout ratios on the common binary options at StockPair within the 80-85% range. On top of this, the cash-back offers described above may offer an additional 3% edge. On pair options, the payouts could be as high as 350%.


StockPair Review: Asset Selection

The StockPair asset selection is excellent. It covers a variety of stocks and currency pairs, as well as plenty of indices, and four commodities.


StockPair Review: Education

StockPair feature a surprisingly deep training section, which looks rather unimpressive at first look, however it turns into a massive and helpful resource once one browses deeper into it. It covers everything from the fundamentals on binary options, to explaining what Pair Options are & how one can trade them. The Trading Strategies section covers fundamentals but also technical analysis, with particular emphasis on the indicators featured in the trading tools section of the website.

Risk management techniques are also covered, and there is an exhaustive FAQ section, where you can find answers to the most asked questions that traders may have.


StockPair Review: Security and Verification

All communication that comes from the trader’s computer to the StockPair servers is protected by SSL encryption. Along with all of the software-based security measures, StockPair works with strict KYC procedures, to be sure their services aren’t abused by anyone. In order to work with StockPair, traders have to submit copies of a government-issued ID, proof of residence & a credit card.


StockPair Review: Support

The StockPair costumer support just like the site itself, it is available in several languages. You have English, French, Italian, German, Dutch, Spanish and also Arabic. The simplest and fastest way to contact StockPair support is through the use of the Live Chat feature. There is an email form available at the site, as well as a direct support e-mail: The International support number is +44 2030269430. There are such numbers available for the UK (which is the same as above), For France (+33 973721005), For Germany (+49 4087408121), For Italy (+39 0699367406), For Spain (+34 911230437) and for the Netherlands (+31 208081728).


StockPair Review: Conclusion

StockPair is a trusted platform, which has served its customers well for years. It is a great destination for those who are looking for uncommon trading opportunities and also for various creatively unique methods to work with. The KIKO options are excellent, as are some of its Floating Pair options. With a minimum on a single trade set to $20, money management it’s unlikely to be a problem at the site.

StockPair Review


StockPair Review



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